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Auto Repair Estimates in Augusta

At Smith's Auto Repair we are always willing to do a thorough assessment of your vehicle. In fact, we love the chance to provide customers with estimates because it allows us to show them how much money we can save them! For an honest, up-front repair estimate, trust Smith's Auto Repair .

Eliminate the guesswork with car repair estimates

No one likes to agree to a repair on something as essential as a vehicle without knowing what’s coming. At Smith's Auto Repair we want you to feel absolutely comfortable and confident leaving your car with us. That’s why we hope you’ll stop in for an auto repair estimate whenever you’re concerned about your vehicle’s maintenance or repair needs.

Talking to an automotive professional about your auto repair estimate

We want to listen to your concern and talk to you about your vehicle, after all, you’re the expert when it comes to what seems wrong with your car. When you come in to address your concern, be sure to tell us about anything you have observed—seen, heard, or felt—that is different. It’s okay if you’re not sure what’s wrong; just tell us what doesn’t seem right.

If you get a chance, jot down some notes before you come in. What is your car doing (or not doing)? How is it handling? Are there any new noises you’re hearing? How is your vehicle’s performance—is it braking well and accelerating as it should? How do road conditions, weather conditions, and other factors affect your car? Have you done any recent maintenance? Have you missed any routine maintenance? You can expect a thorough inspection from us, and the more information you have for us, the better. In fact, you can save diagnostic time pretty effectively by giving us all of the details!

Repair estimates that you can trust

Many consumers worry about bringing their vehicle in for repair. Will the mechanic listen to me? Will I be able to explain what’s going on in a way that makes sense? Will my vehicle get the full attention of the technician? Will they spend the time they should?

The good news is we are even more worried about these problems than you are! Have confidence in our team and family of professionals. You can trust the estimate you get from us.

Contact Us Today for an Auto Repair Estimate

We are ready to get to the heart of any problems with your vehicle’s performance. Stop by for a thorough auto repair estimate that includes a detailed inspection along with pricing and timeframe details. We offer competitive rates and we take pride in our automotive repair, so stop by and find out why! Schedule an appointment today so we can earn your trust and your business.